BAASS and Equation Technologies take out Orchid's annual North American Business Partner awards

Orchid Awards 2020

Each year Sage 300 partners from around North America (and beyond) make their way to TPAC, currently in progress at River Rock Hotel in Richmond BC, Canada. We take advantage of this large gathering to present Orchid's annual North American Business Partner awards.

Continuing the 'tradition' we started last year the trophies consisted of framed panoramas by former Accpac trainer Jim Guthrie. This year's images were both taken by Jim on a visit to Australia some years ago. One is of the Sydney Harbour Bridge at sunrise. The other is of the Twelve Apostles rock formations, one of the highlights of Victoria's scenic Great Ocean Road.

And the 2020 winners were…


This was the 9th successive year that BAASS have won the award for highest annual sales of Orchid products! Thanks again to all at BAASS for their continuing support.

BAASS accepting their award
Anne and Steve present the Partner of the Year award to BAASS, represented by Don de Beer and Dave Burnside from BAASS Winnipeg.



We also like to recognize a partner for a contribution that goes beyond raw sales.

Equation Technologies have been an enthusiastic supporter over the past year, and have been proactively promoting our products to their customer base. This has been rewarded by impressive year-on-year growth in sales of Orchid modules.

Equation Tech accepting their award
Steve, Nathalie and Anne present the Partner Excellence award to Equation Technologies, represented by Scott Davies, Bonnie Wittmeier and Doug Bilderback.


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