Workflow Anywhere Launch

Announcing the Workflow Anywhere App

Wed, 16 Dec 2020

The latest addition to our Extender suite is a Workflow Console made specifically for your mobile device.

With 2020 having been the year that millions of workers abandoned the office, it seems appropriate that we bring down the curtain by announcing the launch of a new tool to support flexible and remote working for uses of Sage 300.

Workflow Anywhere, the latest addition to Orchid’s Extender product suite, works in conjunction with our Extender Workflow functionality.

Designed specifically for smartphones or tablets, Workflow Anywhere presents a streamlined, personalized, at-a-glance alternative to the classic desktop version of the Extender Workflow Console.

  • The App is available from your device’s App Store (Google Play, Apple Store, Microsoft Store)
  • It displays a list of open Workflow tasks assigned to you or your groups
  • After selecting and actioning a task, your responses are reflected in Sage 300 in real time

We’re holding a series of Webinars this week to officially launch the App, If you’ve missed or can’t attend those events you can find out more by:

(The Workflow Anywhere App was developed for Orchid Systems by AutoSimply Ltd.)


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