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Let your Work Flow

Fri, 19 Mar 2021

With Sage 300 and these Orchid modules, you'll be able to let your work flow, like a mountain stream...

We like to take an interest in what our partners are up to. This MicroChannel article on Automating Workflows using ERP got our attention, given Orchid’s focus on developing workflow solutions for Sage 300. (MicroChannel is a leading Australian solution provider, with whom Orchid has had a long and fruitful relationship.)

Workflow Benefits

The MicroChannel article focused on the role an ERP system can play in streamlining business operations through automated workflows. They listed and expanded upon 5 benefit categories, which I’ll summarize or paraphrase for brevity:

  1. Organise and automate workflows: Using software to manage the sequencing of connected activities where the output of one step serves as the input of another, providing employees with a prioritised queue of actions.
  2. Increase efficiency: Automating routine tasks, while coordinating and updating to-do lists in real-time.
  3. Communicate and collaborate more effectively: Increased compliance, consistent and actionable internal communications, reduced reliance on managing your email inbox.
  4. Improve client experience: Responding to client requests in a consistent, timely, transparent way.
  5. Deliver projects on time and on budget: Prioritizing employee actions, reminding them to complete tasks before they become bottlenecks.

Orchid’s Workflow Solutions for Sage 300

We have no argument with any of the points raised by MicroChannel, but ERP systems aren’t all born equal, and sometimes they need a helping hand.

Fortunately, when it comes to Sage 300 and Workflow, Orchid has come to the party with the following add-ons:

  • Extender (Configurator Edition): Includes the ability to configure workflows for many standard business scenarios, with no coding required, using a range of pre-defined Workflow Actions.
  • Extender (Developer Edition): Lets you take your workflows to the next level by developing custom Workflow Actions in Python, and incorporating custom data into your workflow logic.
  • Workflow Anywhere: Our made-for-mobile, App version of the Extender Workflow Console, letting you monitor and action your workflow task list in Sage 300 without being tethered to your desk.
  • Remote Action Service: Gives you still more mobility and flexibility, allowing you to respond to Workflow actions anywhere you have internet and email access, without needing to log in to Sage 300.

For more detail, refer to our Workflow Solution page. Then, with apologies to the Bellamy Brothers, why not sit back and

Let your work flow, like a mountain stream…

Bellamy Brothers


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