Orchid's Process Scheduler helps Net@Work's clients sleep at night

The Company

Net@Work are a full-service IT and business consultancy firm based in New York, with over 6000 clients serviced from offices throughout North America. They pride themselves in providing unbiased integrated solutions, tailored to the needs of their customers, supported by their partnerships with many of the biggest names in technology. (www.netatwork.com)

The Challenge

Today’s businesses are almost totally dependent upon the availability of their IT systems, and the integrity of their data. The consequences of a corrupted and unrecoverable database hardly bear thinking about, but Net@Work can’t afford to ignore this when designing a total solution for their customers.

The Solution

For many of their Sage 300 clients, it has become standard practice for Net@Work to integrate Orchid’s Process Scheduler into their implementation.

They use it to manage tasks such as daily database dumps, Data Integrity checks, and automation of Day End processing.

The Result

One client had a major hardware failure in the middle of a data backup routine, resulting in an SQL database corruption. Fortunately, Process Scheduler had previously triggered a data dump, from which they were able to restore the database. The business was back up and running as soon as the server was repaired. Catastrophe avoided!

“Automated scheduling of Data Integrity and Day End processing is essential for many of our clients.”

Paul Field (CPA, CMA)
Sr. Business Analyst/Consultant
Net@Work, Canada


Orca (04): Paperless A/P Processing, featuring DML
Orca (03): Purchase Order Approvals Workflow
Orca (02): Separation of Duties Workflow
Orca (01): 2-Step A/P Approval Workflow
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