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The Orchid Website has been given a complete makeover in order to better serve our partners, prospects and users. Key changes include:
  • Integrated site-wide search to more easily find the right content and resources.
  • Clearer menus and other navigation options.
  • Better organized and more readable content.
  • A completely new look & feel to make the site more engaging.

Have a look around, tell us what you think, and feel free to make suggestions about how we can make it even better.
  • Our website now includes a Product News page, providing a concise summary of selected product releases and updates.
  • You can also now access Online Help for selected products directly from our website. (Initially Extender, Remote Action Service and Process Scheduler. Others to follow.)
  • Extender Workflow: New PO Approval Workflow sample module - PO Requisition Approval, PO Approval, new Action to convert PO Requisition to PO.

We launched the term 'Extended Notes' 3 years ago, and we've re-published this feature article, as we believe it is well worth another look. 
  • Configure Orchid Notes to run an Extender (Python) Script when specified conditions are met in Sage 300.
  • Use the Notes window as a blank canvas for displaying dynamic content on a Sage 300 screen, created 'on the fly' by the script.
  • Or display a Note conditionally, based on the result of the script.
Extended Notes

Read the article for more information, and specific examples of Extended Notes in action.
Orchid Extender is fantastic!  We are now recommending it to all of our clients. The increased functionality that it adds to Sage 300 gives our clients the tools they need to work more efficiently and productively than ever.


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