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  • Extender Workflow - Named User licensing:
    Extender PU8.00 (v2018, 2019, 2020, 2021) includes a change to the way user licensing works, with the introduction of named Workflow Users

    Please contact us if you are currently using Extender Workflow functionality, and we'll provide you with new Activation Codes
  • Document Management Link (DML):
    Network folder path names for DML document storage can now include Org ID, and also the date the document was attached. See here for details.
  • Document Management Link (DML) Users:
    Orchid Users have been renamed back to DML Users. For more information about the new DML and Workflow user licencing model, see our Orchid Users page.
  • v2018 support ends on 31-Dec: Consistent with Sage policy, we only support the 3 most recent versions of our software (now v2019, v2020, v2021)
  • EFT Processing: Blank report output for Print Remittance Advice
  • EFT Processing: Create EFT File returns 'Cannot open file' error
  • Extender (Developer): Using Online Python Debugger for troubleshooting scripts
The Chronicles of Orca continue! In the latest instalment, Extender Workflow makes use of an Extender Custom Table to manage conditional steps in a PO Approvals Workflow

Upcoming Events: 
With COVID-19 disrupting our travel plans we're focusing on Webinars and other virtual events to stay in touch.
  • 16-Dec: Webinar Wednesday with Orchid - (Details to be advised closer to the date)
See our Events page for details and registration. Follow our Twitter account for event announcements & updates.

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  • Hitting the Virtual Road: We report back on our first experience of fully-fledged Virtual Events, hosted earlier this month by Sage Asia and Sage Australia.
  • "Unstoppable" Python overtakes Java: Yet another milestone in the rise and rise of Python, the scripting language used by Orchid Extender.
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