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We've just made 3 new Extender Sample Modules available to partners in our resources area. For a detailed description and demo of each, you can watch the video from this week's webinar - Extender Developer (for Consultants).
  • Validate an OE Template & Order Type by User (View Script. E.g. only selected users can convert OE Quotes to Orders)
  • Auto-number AP Vendors (View & Screen Scripts)
  • Hide fields on screens/grids/pop-ups (Screen Script. E.g. hide detailed comment) 
I must congratulate the Orchid team on what is quite an amazing module. The various Inter-Entity Trade scenarios have been very well thought through.

The Chronicles of Orca continue. This month Orca Oz Enterprises is using Extender Workflow & Remote Action to implement a Parallel Approvals process featuring Separation of Duties.
Featuring the latest Case Study comic strip from our artist in residence.

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Thanks to COVID-19 we won't be travelling until further notice, but that doesn't mean we can't stay in touch!
  • 26-Aug: We've locked in this date for our next Webinar Wednesday event, and will announce the topic closer to the date.
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