Automated scheduling of critical business processes
Peace of mind with integrity checking and error notification
Use with Info Explorer to refresh and email cubes


Flexible set up

  • Set up multiple Schedules as recurring jobs.
  • Define logic to specify what happens next on success and failure of a task.
  • Define email templates to be used when sending status emails from Schedules.
  • Allows you to make use of the flexible scheduling capability of Windows Task Scheduler
  • Developed in the Sage 300 SDK: Consistent Sage 300 look and feel; installs as a standard Sage 300 module; standard Sage 300 security, customization capabilities, data integrity checking and more
  • Ability to send emails via SSL.


LEVEL 1. Process Scheduler for Data Integrity, Crystal Reports, Cubes and Active Modules and Product Update Notifications

Actions available for selection:

  • Check integrity of a single module
  • Check integrity of all modules in a company
  • Dump database
  • Refresh Info-Explorer Cube
  • Run Report Runner for Crystal Reports
  • Optionally send email alerts (Always, or Only if Errors)
  • Sage 300 Service Pack Audit (document active modules & service packs)
  • Clear Data Integrity Log
  • Check disk space
  • Send email
  • Run Extender Script

LEVEL 2. Day End and Posting

Actions available for selection (in addition to all Level 1 actions):

  • Run Day End
  • Post AR System Batches
  • Post AP System Batches
  • Post GL System Batches
  • Post All System Batches
  • Post AR Ready to Post Batches
  • Post AP Ready to Post Batches
  • Post GL Ready to Post Batches
  • Post All Ready to Post Batches
  • Post All AR Batches
  • Post All AP Batches
  • Post All GL Batches
  • Post All Batches
  • Post IC Receipts
  • Post IC Shipments
  • Post IC Adjustments
  • Post IC Internal Usage
  • Post IC Transfers
  • Post IC Assemblies
  • Post All IC Documents
  • Post PJC Timecards
  • Post PJC Equipment Usage
  • Post PJC Charges
  • Post PJC Costs
  • Post PJC Revenue Estimates
  • Post PJC Material Usage
  • Post PJC Material Returns
  • Post PJC Material Allocation
  • Post All PJC documents

LEVEL 3. Advanced Process Scheduler 

Actions available for selection (in addition to all Level 1 & 2 actions):

  • Load Database
  • Copy Database
  • Run Program (Wait)
  • Run Program (Don't Wait)
  • Run AVB (Discontinued) - Support for AVBs has been discontinued due to security changes in recent versions of Windows. The option to run AVBs has been left in for those sites running older versions of Windows.
  • GL Consolidation Export
  • GL Consolidation Import
  • Run Report Runner Financial Report Group
  • Open period, close period
  • Open year
  • Open next period
  • Close Earliest Open Period
Minimum requirements

Process Scheduler 2020 requires Sage 300 2020 System Manager.

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What do our clients think?

"Our client is very happy with Orchid Process Scheduler and has utilized it to run Day End and Database Dump on a daily basis..."


"Orchid Process Scheduler works like a charm! Awesome product. The client loves it."


“Process Scheduler has worked really well for us. It gives us a great deal of confidence in the integrity and security of our data.”