Getting Started with Extender Configurator - Webinar

Tailoring, Automation & Integration

In this recording of our March 2021 Webinar, we show how easy it is to configure Sage 300 without writing a single line of code using the Configurator edition of Orchid Extender.

00:00 Getting Started with Extender Configurator
05:05 Download/Install/Activate/Licence/Email Configuration
08:02 Logging of User Logins
08:44 Logging of User Details changes
11:30 Logging of Credit Limit changes
14:10 Logging of EFT Bank record changes
16:51 Email Alerts for EFT Vendor changes
18:53 Workflow Conditional Notifications
24:34 Workflow Alerts and Approvals
26:17 Workflow Notification – Mark as Read
30:46 Configure Workflow Users
33:47 Configure Workflow Icons on OE Screen
39:18 Configure Extender Log Icon on AR Customer Screen
41:17 Bank Entry Approval Workflow
43:35 Configure Workflow Icons on Bank Entry Screen
48:16 Extender and Notes
51:30 Q&A