Quick Start (Extender Configurator) - Auto-create Orchid Notes

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Tailoring, Automation & Integration

Configure Extender to automatically create Orchid Notes when a specified event (e.g. a Credit Limit change) occurs in Sage 300. Configure Orchid Information Manager to determine when those Notes will be displayed on Sage 300 screens.

00:00 Introduction
00:38 Extender-Created Notes
01:24 Message Template for Notes content
02:47 Notes setup: Colour / Note Type / Roles / User Roles
04:07 Extender Event: Create IM Note
04:53 Attach Event to View
05:26 Demo: Change Credit Limit
06:20 Configure Notes for OE / RMA / PJC Screens
10:22 Demo: Credit Limit Note on OE/RMA/PJC