By supporting more timely and accurate transaction processing and more consistent interactions, Orchid products can make a significant contribution to customer satisfaction. 

A serviceable product at a competitive price is an obvious starting point for a successful business, but it counts for little until you can build a solid base of satisfied, loyal customers.

By exceeding their expectations, you can aspire to go further still, and turn those customers into passionate advocates for your brand.

As we discussed in our ‘Keep the Customer Satisfied’ blog, you need quality support services and systems if you are to consistently meet your commitments and have positive interactions with your customers.  Here are just some examples of how Orchid products can be used to enhance the customer experience:

  • Notes: Support customer interactions by presenting key, context-sensitive information to staff, where and when they need it.
  • Document Management Link: Have relevant documents (e.g. POs, Invoices) readily on hand to speed up transaction processing and support customer interactions.
  • Return Material Authorizations:  A single point of reference for managing returns and repairs improves consistency and transparency, leading to faster turnaround times and fewer mistakes.
  • Bin Tracking: Accept customer orders with the confidence that you not only have stock on hand to fulfil the order, but will be able to accurately locate and pick, ensuring you can deliver within the promised timeframe.
  • Extender: Tailor Sage 300 to better support your customers. E.g. generate and email order confirmations or invoices at the click of a button.
  • EFT Processing: Increase the accuracy and timeliness of your receipts and payments, including customer refunds. Streamline the emailing of remittance advices.
  • Process Scheduler: Ensure critical tasks are run when required. Alert staff of exceptions, so they can take quick actions: e.g. a customer shipment was due to go out today, but has not yet been sent.
Watch our 'Customer Satisfaction' video

Click the image above to watch a recording of our Customer Satisfaction webinar.

Anne discusses and demonstrates some ways that Orchid products could not only enhance customer satisfaction, but also help measure it. She works through an example that creates and uses a no-frills Net Promoter Score (NPS) regime.

  • An Extender Custom Table is used to hold customer satisfaction survey data.
  • During an interaction using Return Material Authorizations, the latest survey results for the customer are displayed in a Notes window. The staff member, having been made aware that the customer recently had a poor experience, is able to give them some special attention.
  • Notes also highlights to the staff member that a fresh survey is overdue. They use a custom button, created using Extender, to trigger an email containing a link to a survey page.
  • Process Scheduler periodically triggers an Extender script to pull fresh data from a cloud-based survey tool, and load it into the Sage 300 custom table.
  • Info-Explorer pulls this data into a cube, dynamically calculates NPS results, and allows the user to perform analysis, e.g. to highlight worrying trends for certain products or customers, and drill through to customer comments.