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Orchid Partner News

Orchid Partner News - June 2020

This month we announce the launch of our latest product, Remote Action...and the latest instalment in The Chronicles of Orca featuring a 2-Step A/P Approval Workflow.
Orchid Partner News

Orchid Partner News - May 2020

As well as announcing new PUs for Extender and EFT Processing, the team from Orca Oz Enterprises make their first appearance in the Chronicles of Orca, Episode 1.
Remote Working

Orchid Partner News - April 2020

This month we turn our attention to Remote Working, given the global trend towards working from home as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic.
Orchid Partner News

Orchid Partner News - March 2020

Peeking out from behind a closed window seems a good metaphor for this month's news. We focus on remote working as the world shuts its borders and doors to limit the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic.
Partner News

Orchid Partner News - February 2020

This month we introduced new sections called 'Customer Quote' and 'Videos you Might have Missed'. We plan to make these regular features, in addition to the usual content.
Orchid Partner News

Orchid Partner News - January 2020

This month we offer some best practice tips about planning your webinar calendar, and promote our pre-conference training for TPAC 2020.