Inter-Entity Transactions

Keep entities in balance at all times

Inter-Entity Transactions automatically generates offsetting entries in each company
based on highly configurable rules

  • Facilitates the management of allocations and transfers between related entities (branches, divisions, departments, funds, projects, trusts, companies)
  • Helps any organization with loan accounts that should mirror each other to reflect inter-entity transaction processing requirements
  • Particularly well suited to non-profit organizations with Fund Accounting requirements
  • Inter-Entity Transactions will work on all GL transactions regardless of whether they originated from the GL, any subsidiary ledger, a 3rd Party module, or an external system that has created GL batches
  • Entities can be within one or across multiple Sage 300 databases
  • A detailed audit log provides transparency and supports error checking

Inter-Entity Transactions Features

Automate Loan Account Entries
Single Database Edition

  • Works within one Sage 300 database
  • Entities are defined by one or more segment values in the GL chart of accounts
  • Due-to & due-from transactions generated automatically
  • Works on all General Ledger transactions, regardless of their origin
  • User-definable routes
  • Complex routes across multiple entities when there are no direct inter-entity account relationships between the transacting entities
  • Balance transactions at the segment level (rather than just the Account level) for one or more segments
  • "Auto Reverse" inter-entity entries bound for other companies
  • Supports transactions between entities with different functional currencies

Additional Features in
Multi-Database Edition

Includes all Loan Account automation features in Single database edition +

  • Works within one and across Sage 300 databases
  • Loan Account Balance enquiry and report showing matching loan accounts across multiple databases
  • Consolidated AR Aged Trial Balance across multiple databases
  • Consolidated AP Aged Trial Balance across multiple databases

Configuration options:

  • Optionally post transactions based on date rather than fiscal period, to support entities with different Period and Year Ends
  • Optionally set GL Accounts and GL Transactional Optional Fields to be auto-created in target databases
  • Optionally set batches in target databases to auto-post 
  • Generate batches for import into remote "offline" company databases

Advanced Configuration Options

  • Automatically trigger additional transactions (GL, AR and AP) to automate complex inter-entity transactions
  • Use wildcards to simplify trigger account setup
  • Account Substitution to reduce the need to replicate accounts in multiple entities
  • Configure AP and AR charges to accumulate, allowing for periodic on-charges
  • Supports standard Sage 300 functionality, e.g. GL Auto-Allocation and GL Reversing Entries
  • Standard Sage 300 security, customization capabilities, import/export, data integrity checking 

Cash Management

  • Included in Inter-Entity Multi database Edition
  • Allocate payments or receipts for invoices in one company, using a bank account in another company
  • Transfer invoices from one company to another for consolidated processing
  • Process bank transfers between companies

Cash Management: AP Payments

  • Process a payment against a vendor in one company and have the payment come out of a bank account in another company
  • Process an AP payment out of a bank account in one company and allocate it against AP transactions that originated in other companies
  • Allocate a miscellaneous payment to GL accounts in one or more companies, while drawing the funds from a bank account in another company
  • Combined AP trial balance across multiple companies

Cash Management: AR Receipts

  • Allocate a receipt to a customer in one company and have the receipt go into a bank account in another company
  • Bank an AR receipt into a bank account in one company and allocate it against AR transactions that originated in other companies
  • Allocate a miscellaneous receipt to GL accounts in one or more companies, while receipting the funds into a bank account in another company
  • Combined AR trial balance across multiple companies

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Product Screenshots

IY Transactions Screenshot 1
IY Transactions Screenshot 1
IY Transactions Screenshot 1


With Orchid Inter-Entity I can be confident all allocations are accurately recorded, so there are no surprises...


As much as we believed that Inter-Entity would solve the issues experienced, it was only once implemented that the true advantages were known.


...a competing product to do inter-segment balancing was USD 4,500 plus two days of training from the developer. I was able to setup a compelling demo using Orchid's Inter-Entity add-on in a couple of hours, without any training...Go figure!



  • Features relate to the latest supported version (currently v2022).
  • Inter-Entity Transactions 2022 requires Sage 300 2022 System Manager and General Ledger.
  • Cash Management and multi-database features require the Multi Database edition of Inter-Entity Transactions.

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