Orchid Users

These user licences are needed to unlock selected Orchid product features

Orchid User Types & Features

Note about changes to Orchid Users: At the time of writing ( August 2020) we are transitioning from the old Orchid User model to the new DML User & Workflow User model. Until that transition is complete some aspects of the licencing may not operate exactly as described below.

Document Management Link Users

Sage 300 users who have been allocated an available DML User licence have access to:

  • Document Management Link (DML): View lists of documents linked to a Sage 300 screen, open those documents, or add new documents to DML.

  • Email SmartLink: Bonus Feature (see below)

Extender Workflow Users

A Workflow User license is required for each user who needs access to any or all of:

  • Extender Workflow Console: The console lets users monitor workflow instances, drill down for detail, and progress workflows that have been assigned to them
  • Extender Workflow Icons: Where a Workflow Icon has been configured on a Sage 300 screen, use the icon to start or progress a workflow, and to view workflow history
  • Extender Logs: Workflow Users can also access Extender Logs via icons configured on Sage 300 screens to view the detailed history of logged records.
  • Remote Action Service: Use a one-time link in a notification email to progress a workflow via the Remote Action service website, without needing to be logged in to Sage 300 
  • Email SmartLink: Bonus Feature (see below)

Understanding Concurrent (DML) User Licensing

Concurrent (DML) User licences are allocated on a "First Come, First Served" basis:

  • Each Sage 300 user who requires access to the Orchid functionality described above needs to be flagged as a DML User
  • This is done by selecting Options on the Information Manager tray icon, then ticking the DML User checkbox
  • To enable the functionality, that user also needs to be allocated an available DML User licence
  • There is no limit to how many Sage 300 users can be flagged as DML Users, but only the number of licences purchased will be available for concurrent use
  • Once the available licences have all been allocated, other users will see a 'No Available DML User' message
  • When a DML User signs out of Sage 300 their licence is released and becomes available for another user

Understanding Named (Workflow) User Licensing

Workflow User licences are allocated to a specific, named user:

  • Named users, up to the number of current Workflow User licences, are assigned from within Extender
  • Workflow Users do not need to use a Sage 300 licence if their only interaction with Extender Workflow will be via the Remote Action service
  • A Workflow User licence is not required to trigger an automatic Workflow (e.g. by updating a record in Sage 300)

Email SmartLink (Bonus Feature)

All users who have been allocated an Orchid User licence, either concurrent or named, have access to this bonus feature.

  • Use the Email SmartLink icon on a Sage 300 screen to create an email
  • Paste in a SmartLink (hyperlink) to the active Sage 300 record
  • To use the link the recipient of the email also needs to be a licenced DML User or Workflow User

How to buy

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International Contacts

Please contact us directly if your business is in the UK, Europe or other regions not listed here. 

North/South/Central America and the Caribbean

Robert Lavery 

Phone: (416) 453-7876
Email: Robert.lavery@sympatico.ca

Robert Lavery & Associates
14 Woodway Trail
Toronto, Ontario CANADA M8Y 2B8

Asia Region

A-Plus Software Limited (ID#82011633)

Phone: + 852-2366 8392
Email: info@a-plussoft.com
Website: www.a-plussoft.com/en/orchid.php

5/F Goldsland Building
22 Minden Avenue, Tsim Sha Tsui,
Kowloon Hong Kong

Australia and New Zealand Region

Sage Software Australia - Business Management Solutions (ERP & CRM)

Phone: 137 243 (13 SAGE)
Website: https://www.sage.com/au

Level 11, Zenith Tower B,
821 Pacific Hwy,
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Africa Region

Sage South Africa (Pty) Ltd

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Middle East Region

Sage Middle East

Phone: +971 43900180
Website: https://www.sage.com/en-ae/support/contact-us

Office No. 118 Building No.11
Dubai Internet City (DIC)
Dubai, PO Box 500198
United Arab Emirates (UAE)



  • Document Management Link (DML) Users are managed as part of Orchid's Information Manager suite, so Information Manager needs to be installed and activated
  • To make use of the DML User licences, Orchid Document Management Link also needs to be installed
  • To make use of the Workflow User licences, Orchid Extender (Configurator or Developer Edition) needs to be installed
  • To makes use of Remote Action, a subscription to the Remote Action service is also required