Optional Tables

Create custom, multi-dimensional data structures within your Sage 300 database

Free yourself from the limitations of the standard Sage 300 data model

  • No need to compromise decision making by relying on externally held data
  • Make your custom data available within Sage 300, where it can be readily shared and included in reports
  • View and manipulate data in Excel, then write it back to Sage 300
  • Combine with Orchid Info-Explorer for powerful, intuitive budgeting and forecasting

Optional Tables Features


  • Create new fields (facts) in any Sage 300 module, including 3rd Party modules developed in the SDK
  • Link them through to multiple Sage 300 masterfiles (dimensions), creating Optional Tables that form part of your Sage 300 database
  • Manage custom data at any level, e.g. KPIs, budgets, forecasts, actual results, or non-financial data
  • Report at the level you define, on dimensions and facts you specify, combining financial & non-financial data with your own custom data
  • Each Optional Table can be defined with an unlimited number of fields, and up to 10 Sage 300 views

Data Entry

Data can be entered directly into Sage 300 using Optional Tables data-entry screens:

  • One screen is designed for time-sensitive information (e.g. budgets and forecasts)
  • Another screen is optimized for static masterfile input

Alternatively, you can:

  • Create your own data-entry screen
  • Import data directly into your Optional Tables
  • Use the Excel Add-In (see below)

Excel® Add-In with Write-back

Included with Optional Tables is the Orchid Spreadsheet Add-in for Microsoft Excel:

  • Extract standard Sage 300 data and Optional Tables data, manipulate it in Excel, and write data back into your custom Optional Tables in Sage 300
  • Using Microsoft Excel and a built-in wizard you set up the formulae for reference data for the report specification (i.e. the data required from Sage 300)
  • After populating your worksheet with this data users can format, manipulate, and update it as required, treating it as a normal standalone worksheet
  • With write-back to Sage 300, you are also able to directly update Sage 300 Optional Tables, saving time and increasing accuracy by removing the need for manual data entry or imports
  • Include additional budget, forecast and subsidiary ledger information into your Financial Reports by embedding Optional Tables read and write functions into the Excel spreadsheets, using Sage 300's Financial Reporter functions

Use as a Budgeting Tool

  • You can develop budget models within Excel, then distribute spreadsheets for the collection of budget data
  • Centrally update Sage 300 with your budgets at the click of a button, keeping a full history of budget revisions and changes with descriptive notes
  • Users do not need access to or training in Sage 300 - they can complete their budgets in Excel

See below for more about enhanced budgeting when combined with Info-Explorer

Product Screenshots

Optional Tables
Optional Tables
Optional Tables

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Budgeting with Optional Tables & Info-Explorer

Optional Tables can be used to store any custom data, but it really comes into its own when combined with Info-Explorer for use as a powerful budgeting and forecasting tool.

See the Budgeting, Reporting and BI solution page for more on this topic.


  • Features relate to the latest supported version (currently v2022).
  • Optional Tables 2022 requires Sage 300 2022 System Manager and Transaction Analysis & Optional Fields.
  • Spreadsheet Add-in requires Microsoft Excel 2003 or later (32-bit).