Bin Tracking update fixes an issue relating to using I/C Item Number change with Serial and/or Lot Numbers

26 Aug 2020

We've released a fix in August 2020 to the following issue relating to using IC Item number change with Bin Tracking, Serial Numbers and/or Lot numbers.

If you use IC Item Number Change please make sure you are using the latest Product Update for Bin Tracking. 

With the following Product Updates released on 25-Aug-2020, all Bin Tracking records (Serial Number and Lot Number records in the Bin and Serial Number and Lot Number records in the Bin History tables) are now updated. 

  • Bin Tracking V2020 PU0.06
  • Bin Tracking V2019 PU0.17
  • Bin Tracking V2018 PU1.19
  • Bin Tracking V2017 PU2.19


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