Extender - Configurator (Training)

Product Training
Tailoring, Automation & Integration

Nathalie conducts training on how to set up and use Orchid's Extender module (Configurator Edition).

00:00 Overview
03:29 Activating Extender
07:07 Logging, e.g. changes to an AR Customer
14:04 Logging, e.g. changes in I/C Options
15:21 Logging, e.g. changes to EFT Bank details
17:28 Notification Email, e.g. Customer Credit Limit updated
22:22 Notification Email, e.g. EFT Vendor is updated
24:45 Use Configurator to Run a (.exe) program
28:41 Extender & Information Manager Notes
31:23 Extender Modules
33:47 Summary